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October 16, 2020
Don’t Forget to Check the Gutters

Usually it is obvious when it is time to replace roofing, windows, or siding at a property. The exterior of a community is the first impression that is made on potential residents, so keeping these highly visible scopes up-to-date is important. Less obvious, but equally important to the upkeep of a property, are cleaning and replacing gutters.

Since there is no specific time frame in which gutters “should be” replaced, the service has become more of an add-on afterthought when roofing work is bid on. However, with winter months coming up, faulty gutters can cause serious structural damage to a community. Among the issues that can arise from not replacing gutters in a timely fashion are rotting fascia from being improperly fastened, debris buildup from bad weather, and water damage from overflowing gutters.

In northern Indiana, CRG Residential is currently working at a community that is undergoing property-wide renovation on the interior and exteriors of the apartments. New roofing, windows, and doors have already been installed to the twelve buildings of the property. Up next for CRG’s exteriors experts are placing 6,850 feet of gutters around the community to ensure the longevity of the new building facades.

To CRG Residential, gutters are not an afterthought. It’s time to put your mind in your gutters and add inspections and replacements to your next CAPex project!