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October 2016 Newsletter – Net Zero Energy Challenge

Net Zero Energy Challenge

Many construction professionals are taking note of California’s building code changes that will require net zero energy (NZE) standards for all new construction starting in 2020. As with many US trends whether social or political, NZE is on the way to your town and in fact is already arriving to job sites in the form of new materials and products designed to improve building envelope performance.

These new products are manufactured from start to finish with minimal “cradle to cradle” impact in mind and can improve building performance to incredible levels. From new vapor barriers, to treated sustainable lumber products, to windows and doors, geothermal and more, building and renovating buildings to be living green entities is the standard we all are going to have to meet in the coming decade.

While the innovation of cutting edge building materials has skyrocketed, the biggest issue with owners, builders and those who have to measure the success of NZE standards is an old one: installation. Installing materials to the exact specifications of the manufacturer is essential to the proper performance of the product. While construction trades sometimes have a reputation of being “old dogs” that can’t learn new tricks, the companies that break the stereotype with on-going training that gives their crews the knowledge to succeed will be the leaders over the next decade.

At CRG our commitment to product knowledge and training for all our self-preform crews is the hallmark of our service. In every division in every region we operate, we go through extensive training with our supervisors and trades on the right way to install. It doesn’t take any longer to do it the right way, so CRG works directly with the manufacturers to provide training and on-site supervision of the install process. That enables us to provide clients piece of mind that the apartment building they have designed or are renovating is going to hold up over the long term to serve the community in which it stands.