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May 2016 Newsletter – Quiet: The Most Coveted Amenity by Residents

QUIET!!!! It’s a word often shouted by flustered parents or teachers to a group of kids, but did you realize it is also the most overlooked amenity in the multifamily universe? A study by J Turner Research of more than 700 apartment properties around the country put quiet as the number one thing renters wanted in an apartment complex. Across the board, from Millennials to Boomers, they all wanted a quiet living space.

It seems a little contradictory does it not? Pools, outdoor kitchens, wireless speakers, workout rooms, fire pits etc…. None seem to necessarily exude the word quiet, but while these are popular attractions across all demographics, it’s quiet that is the common thread.

So how in the world can you deliver that, especially in many of today’s dense urban environments? Well, if you are fortunate enough to be building a new development, your choices are many. STC (sound transmission class) is a rating put on many materials used in construction to rate sound transmission. The higher the number, the quieter the material. For instance, using windows and sliders with a high STC value in an urban environment will dampen street noise. Using an Acousti-Mat or similar sound dampening floor mat can alleviate vibrations and sound from upstairs neighbors. Using modified drywall, green glue or extra insulation in the walls can eliminate that “paper thin” complaint that residents have been known to report.

From a renovations standpoint, some of the same choices are possible from window and slider updates to specialized carpet pads and laminate underlayment. Keeping in mind the goals are to keep residents happy and in their homes for multiple turns, CRG builds and renovates apartment homes that provide residents the quality of life they demand and deserve. CRG utilizes the latest in technologies and materials in every project we do.