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March 2017 – Newsletter – Building the Urban Lifestyle

One of the key phrases spoken by developers and re-developers these days is “We provide an urban lifestyle”. When that is spoken by someone who develops deals in small secondary Midwest markets, it’s easy to chuckle a little bit and wonder, how do you get “urban” out of a cornfield? Urban has taken on a life of its own for designers, architects and marketers of multifamily properties.

Today, urban is not restricted to the River North type neighborhoods of the US dense with glass and concrete towers that reach to the sky. Urban can mean a lot of things to different people but some strings that flow through all definitions are trendy, fresh, and convenient. It’s not even just about being walkable but in many markets, being a short drive to shopping and entertainment centers is enough to be set apart from the competition.

Amenity packages geared to Millennials and empty nesters are the building block from which unit finishes and design elements are chosen, as well as the common areas, building skins and roof lines. CRG works with its clients both in the booming secondary markets and in more traditional urban core markets to build Urban into their projects. Delivering living spaces that appeal to today’s renters is the core driver that makes new builds and renovations truly successful. CRG understands these everchanging variables and is ready to partner with you on your next urban project.