About Us

Today, some of the most innovative ideas in construction are actually old-fashioned ones.

Like delivering projects on time and on budget, and keeping a promise, no matter what.

At CRG Residential, those ideas have been the cornerstone of our growth since 1993.

At CRG Residential, we may dress like contractors – but we think like owners. We know that any capital investment needs to be directly tied to rent growth – and that some investments have better returns than others.

That’s why we don’t just take your blueprint and run with it. Our staff of highly qualified multifamily construction professionals partners with each client, providing strategic consulting services to determine how and where your building project will realize the most return. Together we define and prioritize key architectural features that will enhance each complex’s marketability, building high internal return rates into each and every project.

Whether you need general contracting services or roof repairs, CRG Residential’s seasoned staff is poised to provide each client with technical knowledge, a deep base of historical cost information, the strong management skills needed to produce successful high-quality projects on-time and on-budget and customer service you can rely on.